As we approach the start of our 17th year, I’ve been reflecting on the growth of All Barcode Systems.  We started as a small integrator and label manufacturer and I was excited to create, and subsequently trademark, a Barcode Duplication Kit (please call or email us for more information on this unique product). 

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we became the go-to partner for printers and labels to Ford Motor Company when the US Government asked to them to build ventilators.  A representative called us at 7PM on a Friday night – we answered the phone.  We talked for an hour and by the following Tuesday, they had a printer and labels to start testing. 

A week later, hundreds of printers and millions of labels and a custom label format were in their hands and they were building ventilators!  This is how I always thought our business should run.  More recently, the US State Department has implemented our Duplication Kit at US Embassy’s all over the world to help with Passport and Visa application processing.  Solutions, folks, that’s what we do.

During the years we’ve supported mom and pop small businesses with receipt printers, cabled barcode scanners and even simple cash register receipt rolls for a little bar in Eastern Idaho.  Now, let’s talk about Fortune 100 companies.  One called and asked us to supply their retails stores with barcode scanners, while another needed a Fixed Asset software solution for dozens of their office complexes all over North America.  Solutions.  That’s what we did for them, too.

What do these businesses and government agencies have in common?  All Barcode Systems!  We’re the partner they trusted to provide the solutions they needed.  Our humble beginnings have been eclipsed by our path forward.  We have several Cloud-Based software solutions for our customers.  Equipment from our Barcode Duplication Kit (which I mentioned earlier), an extensive RFID product line, to basic barcode scanners, label printers, labels and ribbons.

Today, we are more than just that little hardware, software and media provider from 2007.  We are a solution-focused integration partner to our customers.  That being said, I’m proud to announce a new slogan that describes All Barcode Systems’ going foward- The right solution right now!  That’s who we are and that’s who we will always be. 


- President